Find out how to record your TV program

The solutions to get there are here for you. Indeed, it has been shown that the French population is part of the populations that follow television programs more, they spend at least 4 hours of time in front of their screen. However, due to some everyday commitments, not everyone manages to be there to follow their favorite series or favorite show. Here are the alternatives to resume a missed TV program.

The different possibilities to save your TV program

Usually, the majority of TV enthusiasts want and prefer to record their beloved program to follow them when they have a downtime even before the replay. For this reason, the evolution of technology is making things easy now and several means are available. Click for more understanding.
Here are the options we offer:

  • Get a high capacity USB stick and use it to record: You can save your favorite TV program to your USB stick. Nevertheless, before you get there, you need to be sure that your television has this system, a PVR function or a USB port;
  • Record your program according to a TV guide: TV channels have a program guide which helps a lot. To do so, enter the menu and press the “television” button then consult the TV guide to choose the program that suits you. To finalize the operation, press your "save" button;
  • Using a digital recorder can also do the trick: This new technology has taken over the market lately, proving to be more efficient than VCRs. Today, there are types of these kinds of digital recorders. These are mainly satellite decoders and TV decoders.

Another option to make your recordings wisely

Before the arrival of smart TVs, we no longer need to have our TV programs recorded. But currently, the simple remote control of the connected television will alone be able to ensure the recording of your favorite programs.
To do so, all you have to do is flip a button on your TV remote control to peacefully follow a live broadcast, even if you couldn't start from the beginning. You can therefore follow any program despite your delay.